watchOS 8.1.1 Fixes Apple Watch Series 7 Charging Issues

Originally published at: watchOS 8.1.1 Fixes Apple Watch Series 7 Charging Issues - TidBITS

Apple has released watchOS 8.1.1 to address charging problems with the Apple Watch Series 7.

Only for Watch Series 7 (GPS + Cellular) and update has no published CVE entries.

I don’t have 8.1.1 showing up on my phone. I thought it might be because I had not updated to 15.1.1, but I have done that and still don’t have the option.

And your Watch Series 7 is a GPS + Cellular?

Might try restarting the watch.

Also see if the Settings->General->Software Update on your Watch shows it?

I’ve seen lots of people complaining about charging issues on the series 7 on Reddit so I’m not surprised that this was released. Basically people were reporting that the watch either wouldn’t charge when put on the charging puck, or it would charge for a few seconds and stop. It wasn’t every s7 owner, but you’d see somebody mention this once every day or two.

I didn’t realise it was cellular only. I wonder why that would make a difference. At least I can stop checking :grinning:

I have the same issue on my series 6 watch + cellular yet I do not see the update as an option. Time to call apple I guess. Gotta learn to wait. Wish they would ship HW without new OS. I was forced to update watch OS because I got a new phone…

No, you didn’t need to. watchOS 7 works fine with ios 15. It’s the opposite that’s true: if you buy a new watch with the latest watchOS, then you need to update the phone to the latest iOS in order to pair it.

Interesting. Just assumed I had to since it prompted me to do immediately. Didn’t even think of resisting. Thanks, will remember next time…