watchOS 6.1.3 Fixes Icelandic Heart Rhythm Notifications

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Apple has released watchOS 6.1.3 to address a heart rhythm notification bug specific to Iceland.

Does this only apply to iWatch 4, or also to iWatch 3 and/or 5?

The update is available to all Apple watches that run watchOS 6 (S1, S2, S3, S4, and S5).

So why was the bug specific to Iceland? Geography? Ethnicity? Language? Volcanic activity?

Your guess is as good as mine and I see no hope of ever finding out, but curious as to why it matters to you?

Because it is rare that a bug will only affect such a small demographic, so there must have been something unique to Iceland. I think it is probably related to the Icelandic language (if Apple uses it in its operating systems).

It is an interesting question, although I doubt we will ever find out the answer. Language, times zones, and country codes are my best guess, but I like the idea of it being related to volcanic activity. That would certainly get my heart racing. :slight_smile: