watchOS 5 Targets Fitness, Communication, and More

(Julio Ojeda-Zapata) #1

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The Apple Watch, with a focus on fitness, communication, and info-snippet consumption, looks to become far more capable in all these areas courtesy of the just-announced watchOS 5. The updated will let other models work as walkie-talkies, play podcasts, spawn more-interactive alerts, aid hikers and yoga fans, and more.

(Dennis Swaney) #2

Looks like Walkie-Talkie won’t work on 1st gen Watch.

(Julio Ojeda-Zapata) #3

watchOS 5, generally, won’t work on the first-gen (Series 0) Apple Watch.

(Dennis Swaney) #4

And since iOS 12 will probably require watchOS 5 to work with Watches, those of us who bought the first model are SOL!

(Dana Schwartz) #5

For a $300 (!) wrist watch that only tells the time when you shake it, a Series 0 should be supported a bit longer, IMO! SOL indeed!


My husband just get the OS5 update notice on his Watch. Am I correct in assuming that while Walkie Talkie won’t work, at least most of the other stuff in the upgrade will?


(Doug Miller) #7

This has not been the case previously. There have been people running watchOS 3 paired with iOS 11 just fine. Of course the opposite is the case; you must have iOS 12 to run watchOS 5.

(Fearghas McKay) #8

Anybody who could answer that would be breaking an NDA as IOS 12/Watch OS5 are still in closed beta.

And the old days when you could email someone off list are no longer there thanks to Discourse :-/


(Adam Engst) #9

I believe Discourse intentionally hides the email address in email versions of the message to increase privacy and reduce spam problems.

You can always click through to the message in Discourse and reply privately by clicking the … button to get more controls and then clicking the flag button.

Then, to check messages (you’ll get an email notification too in all likelihood), click your avatar icon and click the envelope button.