watchOS 5.2 Extends ECG Support and Supports New AirPods

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For users in Hong Kong and many European countries, watchOS 5.2 makes the Apple Watch Series 4’s ECG and irregular heart rhythm monitoring features available. It also supports the new AirPods and adds RTT for phone calls.


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What is “RTT (real-time text) for phone calls” in relation to where/how it features on Apple products?

I know what it is and what it’s supposed to be able to do (erm, text appears at the receivers end in real-time as opposed to after being typed THEN sent) , but as a non-watch owner, how is this implemented on watchOS? And is it also featured on iOS / macOS?

Didn’t find much from searching explaining the feature.


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I don’t know much of anything about the feature, but Apple has a support page on it.

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Ah, thanks again.

It looks to be a specialist feature for deaf or hard of hearing users, AFAICT. As I can’t really see the advantages for general hearing users.

Looks like a decent and hopefully helpful thing, and as ever, good for Apple to continue their efforts into Accessibility features.