Watch out for "Time To Leave" calendar notifications

From my personal blog:

This weekend, I was traveling out of state. While away, my phone started alarming at 4:00am. Which is very strange because I hadn’t set any alarm for that hour, nor is there any event scheduled for that time.

After a bit of investigation, I discovered that it was because an event later that day (a simple reminder, scheduled for 9:00am) accidentally had its alert time set to “Time to Leave”:

In case you’re unaware, the “Time to Leave” alert is a feature meant to let you know when you need to start traveling in order to arrive at the location for the event. For instance, if you have a doctor’s appointment, and the doctor’s office is 15 minutes away from home, it will alert you 15 minutes before the appointment when you’re home. But if you happen to be somewhere else, it will alert you based on the estimated travel time from your actual location (based on a computed route, traffic conditions, etc.)

You can probably figure out what happened. My reminder was scheduled for 9:00am, with a location set to my home. And the alert time was “Time to Leave”. So when I was out of state (a 5 hour drive away from home), it dutifully alerted me 5 hours before the reminder’s time - at 4:00am.

Let this be a friendly reminder to double-check your alert settings when creating events, especially if they are daily/weekly reminders.

Thank you for the alert (about alerts).
I mostly gave up with “time to leave” as, in addition to driving time, I have to take into account finishing what I am doing, preparing for the trip, parking the car on arrival etc. Advice about traffic delays would be handy, however.
I have encountered a similar problem with calendar alerts when in a different time zone - the alarm going off in the early hours.

I love travel time and always have more than one alert based on time to leave - usually 1 hour before and 15 minutes before travel time. And I have DND on overnight so there wouldn’t be any chance of a calendar alert waking me.