Wanted: Filing/organizing software

I am looking for software where I can just dump info into, and organize it once it’s there. I’d like to put in actual documents, websites (cut/paste or links). Kind of a virtual filing cabinet, where I’d have “folders” with “documents” and “pages” in each. Ideally it would use tags because often a page can hit multiple “folders”. It would be great if a keystroke would send info into the program for me to file in the right place later.

Must run on a computer! Must not have an account requirement or cloud requirement. I would prefer to buy outright vs a subscription but the first two requirements are more important.

I seem to remember something like this existing many many years ago, possibly pre-OSX. I’ve been thinking of this for awhile but was just pushed over the edge when one of my research sites had an upgrade rendering every one of my bookmarks with them unusable. Hence the hope that I can put a page in the program vs just links.

Thanks for any direction you can point me in!

This article is old, but will give you a sense of some of the main contenders.

Yojimbo sounds like what you’re looking for. I’ve had it around for years, though I’ve mostly migrated to using Apple Notes for most things.

But in terms of tagging, folders, etc, Yojimbo does what you’re describing. And it’s now compatible with Big Sur.

Thanks to both of you! I had tried Devonthink and Evernote (and I think OmniFocus) 10 or so years ago, but didn’t stick with any of them. I have been using Notability and Things for many years but they are not quite what I am looking for here. Looking forward to trying some of these out - thanks again!


@dianed143, just out of curiosity, couldn’t the Finder do this?

.webloc files for links and text files with your notes along with pictures, PDFs, etc. can be put into folders. Get Info comment fields allow adding extra information (that Spotlight will also pick up), and aliases allow for saving the same file in several folders (assigning multiple categories). Admittedly, it’s very low key, but it’s built into every Mac, it’s free, and there’s no subscriptions to worry about.

I’ve tried all kinds of apps including Evernote, Yojimbo, Keep It, EagleFiler, etc., in order to organize my documents. If you want to take a step further and create your own database management system, I recommend Tap Forms, but it will take some work. Otherwise, my favorite of all is Keep It.

But when all is said and done, I think the easiest method is to just use the Finder and folders, as Simon mentioned.

Ryoichi and Simon,

I do have a decent folder system on the computer, I’m just finding my current research projects are stretching it. A new piece of software may end up being a failure, but I won’t know unless I try.

Simon - I’ve often thought about using Get Info more. I have done it on occasion but then I completely forget. Kind of like swearing I will put font info into my Illy documents before converting to outlines - great idea but not when you keep forgetting to do it.

Last night while poking around, I learned about Web Archives, which sounds like it will help me quite a bit. I will also look into .webloc

I didn’t mention, I am currently on Safari so that limits me as well. Last night I downloaded Eagle Filer and found an older version if Yojimbo - which worked just once before locking me out of the demo. In my quick test Yojimbo opened like lightening, but I liked the way Eagle Filer did nested folders.

Also, does anyone else feel that Safari bookmarks can be hit or miss? I swear I’ve bookmarked something and can’t seem to get it to autofill and have to physically go into bookmarks and search for it. It’s as if typing in the bar is pulling up history and not bookmarks. Maybe I’m doing it wrong.


I hear you. I also have had this nagging suspicion that Safari somehow prioritizes history over bookmarks. I have in fact named some of my bookmarks specifically in such a way as to make it easier for Safari to list them after I type the first few letters. Whenever I change my human behavior to accommodate for how a machine works, I feel it’s an indication the machine needs to be improved.

Thanks! It has driven me crazy for years now. I also name many of my bookmarks specifically (sometimes they bookmark horribly anyway).

I also have huge issues with a particular site, where it starts to pull up a link and I have to arrow down further to get the one I really want. Coincidentally this is the same site that recently changed something in their format, but my original issue with them was Safari-based.

I know I’ve had issues in recent years keeping up with all the changes, but I always felt bookmarks were pretty solid 20 years ago and don’t understand why I have so much trouble with them now. Honestly bookmarks are another reason I’m looking at a filing/organizing piece, but I want to dump pages (i.e. Web Archives) in there in addition to links.


I love and constantly use TapForms, so flexible and easy to use. But I wonder if the latest DEVONthink 3 might not be a solution for you. I use it for a number of projects and for keeping online info. It is very nice and the developers of both these programs are excellent and responsive. Just a thought. Hope it helps.

You might want to check out Raindrop.io

This is a bookmark and notes manager in the Cloud that refuses rightfully to get into the syncing game of using the bookmarks feature in specific browsers. It doesn’t even try.

All your bookmarks and notes are in the cloud and easily accessible with an add-on in whatever browser you are using.

Basically Raindrop.io is accessible from any computer. MacOs or iOs. It is free for the basic version but requires an annual Pro subscription to be able to nest bookmarks and organize into folders. Other features in the Pro version like identifying broken links and full text search.

Great online documentation and the developer himself responds promptly. He even crowd sources ideas for new features and lets users vote on their favorites.

$27.99 a year. If you don’t renew what you have saved while a subscriber is preserved and continues to work (unlike Adobe where if you don’t pay, nothing works)

58 reviews in the App Store for the iOS version: 4.5 stars out of 5. Been around for 4 years and I love this program.

I’ve never used any browsers bookmarks function. Even though I now only ever use a couple of browsers, I’ve always enjoyed using URL Manager Pro. All bookmarks available in any browser. Custom names no problem Notes also. Solid & simple program. http://www.url-manager.com " Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra App Store or direct from Dev.

I’ve resisted that for so long, but maybe I should take a look. Back in the Netscape days, there was a feature to go through your list to make sure pages were still valid and I’d use that regularly to clean up my pile o’links.

In the meantime I have downloaded EagleFiler and DevonThink. I spent an hour one night archiving open tabs into EagleFiler and got nearly half of them off my screen. It was wonderful! I wish I’d learned about web.archives years ago :-/

Devon may be more than I need but I’ll look at it again this weekend. And I need to contact the company of another mentioned as it only allowed me to open it once before asking for payment.


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I tried EagleFiler and had too much trouble with random switching between white on black and black on white when pasting in Dark Mode, so I stopped using it. I finally invested in DEVONthink this summer and I really love it. Bookmarks, PDFs, notes (text, formatted text, markdown text), all together with excellent search and tagging; it’s wonderful! And plug-ins for grabbing from browser, menu bar for doing same. Oh, and any of the top-level folders that I want to have accessible I can see and add to in DEVONthink to Go for iOS. I sync with iCloud but you can use other cloud providers for that as well. I find the ability for DEVONthink to surface related material on its own is very helpful, and of course that improves the more stuff you add to the database.

I don’t use Dark Mode so I haven’t seen any issues like that yet.

Not that I’ve fully discounted DEVONthink yet, but I keep getting stuck on shortcuts. With Eagle Filer, I can shortcut a webpage right from Safari into it with a keystroke. While I’m sure I can do the same in DT, I haven’t yet figured it out. That’s kind of always been one of my software tests…. I don’t mind digging deep for expanded features but I tend to mentally grade a package based on what I need it for, and the extras are a bonus.


Re; DEVONthink shortcuts:

Well that’s embarrassing. I just figured it out. First off, shortcuts did not come up when I searched in the help bar.

Second, the one I wanted wasn’t pre-defined like in Eagle Filer, so googling was just giving me what other people did.

So I’m off and running in test mode this weekend!


DEVONthink is a powerful and complex program. I’ve used it for years and am still learning it. There is an excellent booklet, Take Control of DEVONthink 3 - Ebook, that helps supplement the also excellent manual for the program. I find both of great help.


I’m only guessing at what kinds of things you want to store and index and how you want to use it, but a relational database might suit you. For many years, I used FileMaker Pro for patient records, organization members, notes, literature, and other such “lists of stuff”. I loved it until it became obscenely expensive a few years ago, and haven’t used it since. The “beginner-level” learning curve isn’t too steep, but there are all kinds of pretty amazing things you can do with it once you’re advanced and willing to learn. You can store, index, tag, manipulate, sort, calculate and display all kinds of information with it. One beef I always had was that FM files are formatted in a way that Finder and Spotlight can’t find files’ content (a real bummer, because Claris is/was basically a Mac company); I don’t know it that’s been fixed.

I’m now trying to make a relational database with Excel. I believe it can be done, but I’m not there yet.

@gbdoc Have you tried TapForms 5? I use it for some pretty large databases and it is relational. Before i retired it was my go-to app for keeping church membership lists, counseling files (it has encryption for files and locking for the app), I have a large fountain pen collection and use TapForms to keep track of that including many photos to verify the collection. You can also develop a relational database with it, which is an option I used when helping a former church develop their membership base. The developer is really responsive and the app can be used in iOS as well as Mac OS. I love the app!

Thanks, Doug! I’d never heard of TapForms, but now that I’ve looked at it, it seems it might be just what I need - and the price is right. It’d probably be easier and better than my DIY Excel effort, too. :grinning: