Listed Fake 30 TB SSDs For Sale

Originally published at: Listed Fake 30 TB SSDs For Sale - TidBITS

A security researcher discovered a 30 TB SSD on Walmart’s website for under $18. He bought one and cracked it open to learn just how it was too good to be true.

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I saw one of these scams on Amazon. I wrote a review that said: “This is obviously a fraud. How can Amazon allow this to be posted?”. Amazon rejected my review, which answers my question.



Amazon at least at times is really bad about this.

I once got a product that was OK-ish, but along with the product I got an “Amazon gift card voucher” that said if I left a 5-star review and gave them my email address (and didn’t tell Amazon or anybody else about it), they’d send me an Amazon gift card for $15. This was for a device worth $10. I promptly informed Amazon about that (good luck talking to an actual human there), but nothing ever happened despite their assurance they’d take care of it. The product remained for sale and sure enough, tons of 5-star reviews started pouring in right around that time (talk about a bunch of losers who would whore out reviews for $15). So I then left a certified review for that product stating what was good about it and bad, but also that reviews were likely tainted because of the scam attempt. I even left a photo to document the “Amazon gift card voucher” included with my shipment.

What did Amazon do after all this? They removed my review. The product was still selling months later. :roll_eyes:


These fakes are all over ebay as well (eg 4/8/16TB USB 3.1 External SSD Hard Drive Disk High Speed Solid State Portable | eBay - 8TB SSD for AU$43 - sure).

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