Wallet notifications screwed up?

Lately I’ve seen charges come in to my Apple Card with zero notification from Wallet. I know the charge came in because I see my card balance change and the charge get listed at the top, but there was no notification. Check Notification Center, also checked by swiping up that there was nothing hidden. Then many hours later a notification shows up. Latest example: charge to card yesterday at 7pm. Notification didn’t show until today 2pm. WTH?

Is anybody else seeing similar behavior? Is this Notifications or Apple Card that’s messed up?

I haven’t used my card recently but this week have gotten a few half screen banners saying that I’ve already added the card to my wallet. I initially thought I was hitting a button accidentally, but yesterday it popped up while the phone was sitting on the desk.


I have read several articles suggesting Notifications are messed up in Ventura, either not showing at all or showing up twenty minutes late. My Notifications stopped completely a few days ago, so this morning I investigated. I have no Focus schedules set on any device. Do Not Disturb is set on my iPhone, but just overnight 9pm-8am, and it is not set to be shared across devices. On my Mac, Notifications are On, appropriate apps have permission. Looking at Do Not Disturb I find it On and set to 9am-5pm—how that happened I don’t know. I bet it was a default setting introduced with the 13.2.1 update. But even after deleting that scheduled DND, there were still no Notifications, but I saw the Pref Pane still said DND was ON. There is no switch for turning it off in that pref pane, so I consulted Help. “Turn it on and off with a prolonged option press on the date and time in the menu bar, or the ‘moon icon’ in the function keys if you have one” it said. I do have one, so I pressed it. Notifications came back. So an accidental touch on the F6 key will switch off Notifications even if DND and Focus have no schedules set. The only way you know if this is the problem is to go to the ‘Control Center’ and see that the top right pane showing Focus status will read Do Not Disturb (I use Bartender so I don’t choose to see the Moon icon in the menu bar, given that I don’t set up DND on my Mac). This is going to be the modern equivalent of the Number Lock key for a lot of people!

Note, this is Wallet so iOS notifications in iOS 16.3.whatever. Not seeing anything related on the Mac side.

Yes, I would say that this is deliberate. Not everyone has scheduled DND, and some people turn it on and off when they need it on or off.

Settings / Control Center - you can have it so that the focus shows up always in the menu bar.

Now I wonder if only I am stuck with this problem or if it’s just that nobody else around here uses Apple Card for routine purchases. :wink:

Just as a data point, for me it’s the latter. I don’t use an Apple Card or even Apple Wallet. I’m conservative with my credit cards and only use a couple (physical cards) I’ve had for decades. Tried and true, and admittedly old fashioned, but it just works.

I use the Apple Card a lot, from my Mac, iPad, Watch, and occasionally iPhone. (I switched to using my watch when COVID-19 started and I haven’t really switched back to using my iPhone for tap to pay.) Plus it’s my default Apple payment method. I don’t pay too much attention to which device sees the notification. It could be the device I use to spend; it could that’s the case only when I use the watch?

I’ll start paying more attention and let you know.

So far, this is what I’ve seen:

Any purchases from Mac or IPad show notifications on iPhone and iPad (I have Mac notifications turned off.)

Any purchases from the watch using tap to pay only notify the watch itself.

I rarely use the physical card, but I’ll try a transaction with that at some point soon.

Thanks, @ddmiller. I noticed it’s definitely more than just a notification issue for me. Just the other day I had an additional charge show upon my Apple Card without the Wallet app reflecting the updated balance for 2 full days.

I then proceeded to pay for this charge, which was correctly handled by Apple Card (updated balance was reflected on card.apple.com), but Wallet did not update the balance even then. So the balance always showed the same figure regardless of what it actually was and this over the course of at least two full work days, definitely not a holiday. Force restart of Wallet did not force an update either. This was also an actual permanent charge, not just some hold on the card.

There’s definitely something amiss with Wallet, at least for me. Who knows, perhaps 16.4 contained a fix for that? Wouldn’t be the first time Apple fixed a bug they didn’t mention explicitly in their “release notes”. :wink:

Another update: I just did an amazon order this morning with the physical card and iPhone, iPad, and the watch all had notification of it. (Strange that the watch gets all notifications.) The iPhone Wallet app always has all of my transactions, as it does now, though often with Apple charges (for monthly subscriptions mostly) it will often lack detail for a few days after the charge hit. So, I can’t confirm what you are seeing on my iPhone.

Now there’s another bit that has started showing up the last couple of weeks. The notifications for daily cash are delayed to the next day. So daily cash will be credited per the app around 3pm, but silently. There’s no notification. Only many hours later, the next day around 8am there will be a notification about daily cash being credited. This is basically free money (and usually smaller amounts) so no big deal.

But that they can’t get notifications to work properly even for Apple Card charges is a different ballgame and definitely annoying (eg. charges being deducted from balance, but no charge item listed or notification given). Even more so because this all used to work perfectly fine for me. In fact, it was one of the great things about Apple Card and Wallet that got me to using them.

At some point late last year or early this year they started screwing around with things (there’s been lots of chatter about GS wanting to make more profit off this deal and GS/Apple trying to streamline the backend) and ever since, reliable notifications and the Wallet app have gone downhill big time for me. Not thrilled at all.