Waking Brother printers

Try connecting the printer via ethernet instead of wifi. That solved this same issue for me.

I have an HL-L2370DW to which for several years I could print to by USB and AirPrint. After recent OS updates the USB is no longer an option and the AirPrint has the same long delay mentioned here before printing starts. I’ll try hooking mine by ethernet but apparently there is no USB driver anymore in recent Mac OSs.

No ethernet option for the HL-L3300CDW: wi-fi or USB only.

At the risk of getting into the weeds, I wonder if the comparable CUPS* PPDs on Linux would work better. If so, perhaps they could be installed to good effect on Macs. Likewise, I believe that Brother has Linux CUPS drivers for the original poster’s HL-L3300CDW. Not something I personally have the time to explore right now, unfortunately.

It’s a pity that Apple plans to drop CUPS support entirely in an unspecified future macOS release. AirPrint may have its advantages, but I’ve always appreciated the openness and transparency of CUPS, especially for finding ways to connect printers to computers in otherwise unsupported ways, e.g. connecting a brand new printer with a computer running a ten-year old operating system or connecting a twenty-year old printer to a current operating system.

*For those who don’t know about CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System), it originally was printer server software that gave many types of traditional UNIX computer systems access to Mac-like printing features back in the late 1990s. I ran it on Silicon Graphics systems back then, and it later became very popular on Linux. Apple started using CUPS as the OS X print server, eventually buying the company that developed CUPS and hiring its owner/lead programmer. The basic CUPS platform is open source, with an Apple fork and a general fork.


I spent a bit of time on that this morning, but couldn’t get the ppd to install on Linux Mint. No matter, it auto-adds the printer and it works.
The good news is that a hub and a long USB cable arrived today, so I plugged it into the MBP, added it as a USB printer and switched on printer sharing for it, and now it wakes up on demand.
The curious thing is that if I try to scan from it, Image Capture can see the printer, but cannot establish a connection to it on one Mac, but can on another! However, the situation with Brother iPrint&Scan is reversed - the first Mac can scan from it, but the second cannot. Maybe some restarts would fix that. Linux can scan from it using Document Scan.
Thanks to all for the suggestions: tidbits is an invaluable resource!


I have a very similar printer, Brother HL-L3290CDW. It is setup as a wireless printer with a fixed IP address. Firmware vU1.59.

It wakes up instantly for printing using the AirPrint printer setup and it wakes up also fast for scanning with Image Capture or Brother’s iPrint&Scan app. There is a small delay before it actually prints, which I attribute to the transfer/processing of the file over WiFi and the need for the printer to warm up.

Maybe try the fixed IP address in your case. In any case, it should wake up, so it is not the fault of the printer.

I did have it set to use a fixed IP, mostly so I could bookmark its admin page and access it easily without looking up the IP address first. It did not help it to wake up, as all of the above difficulties were with the fixed IP address.
Now, it prints and scans without difficulty, as long as the MBP that shares it is awake, and that is easily done without going over to it.