VueScan in Sonoma?

I was just forced into a BIG upgrade taking me from ElCapitan to Sonoma on a new machine. Vue Scan is one of many items that any doesn’t have any info as to whether there is a replacement or upgrade or … Does anyone here know whether and where it (or information about it) is available??



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Works fine for me on Sonoma.

Depends on the license you originally paid. If it was lifetime (I paid, probably one of the best investments I made 17 years ago) just download the latest version from the site.
Don’t know if the old version works in Sonoma. Try it

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There’s ALWAYS a new version of VueScan! Seems to get an update every week or so.


VueScan is still well supported and updated on current macOS versions. It also has very good support for older versions of macOS iirc.

I run it both in Sonoma and on an older macOS version, can’t remember exactly which at this moment.

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Firstly, hamrick support is superb, so ask him if you have any problems. One thing, which is unlikely to be YOUR problem, is that some scanner drivers, which hamrick does not supply, are intel. So, if you have an ARM mac, it does not work unless you use the intel version of vuescan and have rosetta turned on. With that, my vuescan works perfectly with my old epson 4490 scanner. Their problem report page is: Problem Report | VueScan


Screen Shot 2024-04-24 at 19.42.27

According to this it covers from Yosemite to Sonoma