Vision Pro’s Single-User Nature Hampers Apple’s Healthcare Aspirations

Originally published at: Vision Pro’s Single-User Nature Hampers Apple’s Healthcare Aspirations - TidBITS

Apple is making much of the opportunities for the Vision Pro in healthcare, but it’s hard to see them making a significant impact while the Vision Pro remains a single-user device both digitally and physically.

I’ve sometimes wondered why my iPad is so personal to me. I understood with the original iPad, which was so limited in both processing power and memory that it was a wonder it worked at all. (Just like v.1 Newton and v.1 iPhone.)

If I’m understanding the underpinnings of Vision Pro correctly, it’s conceptually like a pair of goggle-monitors with several iOS devices bolted on. So Apple can leverage things like iPadOS capabilities such as acting like an auxiliary monitor, but it does not currently have the code for multiple accounts because it’s iOS-oriented.

Or is it something else? I don’t know. It doesn’t make sense to me that such an expensive device is “one to a customer.”

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Once there are enough scenes to use, I can imagine it being useful for doing exposure work with people who have phobias. simulating flying on an airplane, being at a crowded concert, etc should all be very helpful. I don’t know how they would move through the environment, but especially being able to look around would be help with the realism and intensity of the exposure. Not to mention more intense scenarios (combat, fires) that could help people with PTSD to augment their usual therapy.

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That’s where things like Disney’s HoloTile floor come into play.

There are other, consumer-level VR treadmills available, but none with the versatility and multi-person capabilities of HoloTile. I could easily see interfacing HoloTile with the Vision Pro to create multi-user shared environments in which such things as phobia exposure therapy could be readily performed.