Viewing tap & pay transactions for Apple Watch

I usually use my Apple Watch for tap & pay at shops. There is then a notification on the watch from the bank. I can also view the most recent transactions via the Wallet app. However these transactions are not mirrored on my iPhone.
With Sydney in a Covid alert state it would be useful to be able to save (to an iPhone or Mac) and/or print out the list of transactions so I can quickly check against a list of hotspot venues in Sydney. However there does not seem to be a way to do this. Am I missing something?
BTW I can view the credit card statements through online banking but recent transactions might not be listed and, in any case, dates do not always align with the transaction date (depends when the retailer processes the transaction). The tap & pay date is more reliable.

Where does the process of viewing the transactions on your phone break down?
Can you not find the Wallet application on your iPhone?
Can you not open the Wallet application on your iPhone?
Can you not find the specific credit card in the Wallet application on your iPhone?
Do the transactions not appear when you tap on the credit card?

As indicated, I can view the most recent transactions via the Wallet app on the iPhone and Watch. I am looking for a way to save/print this (short-lived) information in case I need it for a Covid alert.
Currently I take a screen snapshot of the iPhone once there are several transactions. This is not practical for the Apple Watch, which I use the most for tap & pay.

As @mpainesyd Michael is saying, the transaction history for non-Apple cards only seem to be retained for a short period of time on iPhone and Watch. The short answer is no, there is no way to save or print non-Apple Card transactions because those are preliminary or pending charges being transmitted to a payment center for final disposition.

For Apple Card, there is a relative wealth of transaction history, and it’s possible to get a downloadable PDF statement. (This wasn’t the case when Apple Card was introduced, but Apple/Goldman Sachs implemented it later.) It also looks like Apple Cash transaction history on iPhone is saved indefinitely.

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As you’ve discovered, it is solely down to the card provider to maintain the payment history. The legacy banks, whatever country you may be in, seem to do a worse job of this.

It’s one of the reasons I use a “Fintech” company’s product here in the UK even though the transaction usually ends up with the same card at the back end. They just do a better job of letting me see the transaction history immediately, instead of hiding it in “pending” transactions that should have been left in the batch-processing era.