Viewfinder for iPhone

I spent 40 years of my professional life shooting pictures with eye-level Nikon single-lens reflex cameras. Now retired I spend my camera time shooting with my iPhone 7 and think its a wonderful photo device. However, trying to frame a shot or video with the built in screen drives me nuts, especially in outdoor situations. Way back in the day (ancient history) even the old Speed Graphic offered what was called a “sports finder” that was simply a wire frame that was lifted from the case to give the shooter a fast way to approximate the 4 x 5 format of that camera. I think I could use something similar for my iPhone camera.

Here’s what my brief research found:

For 30 bucks it seems worth trying. Has anyone here tried this or found another similar device on which they can comment?

I’ll be interested to find out also because the iPhone screen is almost impossible to see in the daylight. Unfortunately, it looks like the iPhone Viewfinder is no longer available. The DPReview article is from 2013 and Photojojo went out of business in 2018.

Ouch! That ends that idea. Well, still looking for any thoughts. Seems I’m not alone in my frustration.