Verizon discontinuing 3G network

(Diane D) #1

If Verizon is indeed taking down their 3G network by the end of the year, that means older iPhones will no longer work? I’ve always kept my 4s as a backup. We found this out accidentally when my SO’s flip phone started acting up and he tried to activate one of his spares and was unable to. I was going to give him my iPhone to get by, but if what I read is correct, that won’t activate either.


(Curtis Wilcox) #2

According to CDMA Network Activation Retirement yes, they are shutting down 3G at the end of 2019 and they’ve already stopped activating iPhones before the 5s (including the 5c). I don’t know what that means for using an already activated device as a phone, you know, for talking. When AT&T shut down their 2G network in 2017, I guess that did cut off the original iPhone from cellular service.

The iPhone 4s is supposed to be a “world phone” that supports both CDMA and GSM so maybe you can use it with a carrier other than Verizon. AT&T’s 3G map looks more thorough than Verizon’s anyway and they haven’t announced a schedule for shutting down 3G.

(Diane D) #3

The article I read leads me to believe current phones won’t work when the network goes down. Verizon started selling 4G/LTE flip phones last year in preparation for this. My SO is thinking he may get a used iPhone rather than spend $120 on a new flip phone.

I know he’ll have to get a data plan - the real question is if his current plan will also be discontinued the end of the year. He only pays $30/month right now. My iPhone plan is $51.97 with taxes.