Ventura Mail - turn off attachment reminder?

You may have noticed that if you compose a mail with a word like receipt or attachment in it and try to send it, Mail now pops up a dialog asking you if meant to attach a document, which is dismissed by clicking (this is so bloody Windows-like! There’ll be a paperclip with bugeyes before we know it.) on Send Anyway. This is driving my wife mad. She has to send lots of e-mails including the word ‘receipt’ since she runs a charity. She’s also a child psychiatrist, so phrases like ‘attachment disorder’ get used a fair bit. Each time Mail pops up it’s blasted dialog, and she is swearing at her mac more than ever.
Is there any way to turn off this pestilential behaviour?

No one? I can’t be the only person wondering about this. I sent feedback to Apple:

There should be a way to turn these off. Any text in a message that says ‘receipt’ or ‘attachment’ gets a dialog thrown up saying one forgot to attach a file.
My wife runs a charity, and has to send lots of e-mails containing the word receipt, though actual receipts are sent by post. Each gets that blasted dialog. In her day job, she’s a child psychiatrist. Yes, the term ‘attachment disorder’ comes up a lot. And guess what? More dialogs!
She is swearing at her mac more than ever before, and as her support person it is causing me grief. Can we please make this behaviour optional?
Thank you for trying to save our marriage.

Maybe by making it humorous someone will pass it around the office and something will get done.

No idea how to do it in Apple Mail. I am using MailMate and it has the same reminder, and it saved me several times, but it allows you to switch it off and configure which words trigger this warning.

Not using Ventura yet myself, but I was curious about this. A quick search showed a lot of different articles and forum posts going back to October mentioning it, and all were complaints about it except for a few that simply described it as a new feature.

In addition to reminding about a possible missing attachment, it also interrupts your attempt to send by telling you that you may have forgotten a recipient if you merely mention another email address in your content or use one in your signature.

However this new “feature” apparently does not have any way to turn it off or adjust its settings so that in cases where it’s popping up notices to almost every email you want to send, you’re simply stuck with it.

Wish I could still say I’m shocked by decisions like this from Apple.

Not using Ventura yet but assuming this is similar to the box that pops up when I send an email without a subject line. I just hit enter and it goes away (I also use the keyboard shortcuts for sending etc). Do you have that option in Ventura?


I’ve had such warnings provided to me by MailButler for years now and welcomed it. Prevented me from forgetting to include a planned attachment more than once. Have no interest in turning it off at this time.

As I mentioned, I’m not using Ventura so don’t see this myself, but the point isn’t only that there’s no way to turn it off if you wanted to, but that in Apple’s implementation of it in Mail, it appears to be overly aggressive and offers no way to adjust it for either missing attachment or missing recipient reminders.