Ventura Bug Disables Real-Time Security Software

Originally published at: Ventura Bug Disables Real-Time Security Software - TidBITS

A macOS 13.0 Ventura bug revolving around Full Disk Access permissions is preventing real-time protection features in security software from operating. Thomas Reed of Malwarebytes shares a workaround until Apple fixes the bug in macOS 13.1.

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A question for those of you who run ‘real-time security software’. How often does this stuff find something?

(Now I understand the argument that “if it’s the first time, then that’s already too late.” But that gets into the decidability problem of “can’t find it” versus “wasn’t there”.)

These days my Acronis backup calls itself “Acronis Cyber Protect” and has some security features. I have a lot of test emails for testing my app Mail Archiver. Acronis took offence to some of them but that’s the extent of some years of using Acronis.

Rarely, but I’m probably not an average user. About the only time is when I’ve been aware of malware or PUPs that exist and purposely download them to test various security software that I maintain. It’s really not “too late” when it detects such items. The point of real-time protection is to prevent a downloaded file from infecting the computer.

I’ve used Sophos for many years. While I can’t recall it ever finding a virus, the web address filtering function has saved me from potentially dangerous URL typos and search engine clicks many times.

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Reportedly, macOS 13.0.1 fixes this bug.