Using Uber in UK without a USA Phone number

Ok so not really Mac related but has anyone used the US Uber app in UK without a working phone number. My folks will be using an iPhone with an eSIM but no working US phone number as they are T-Mobile pre pay ($10pm for 1GB data :) ) hence no working phone number. The are super low tech and need a super easy solution.

Can one use uber with just the supplied email or will they have to get a temp UK phone number / or US via Skype in or the like. (I see skype UK number is just $7pm)

We were able to use Uber in Australia a few years ago without getting new SIM cards. Uber uses the same app worldwide and charges your US credit card. It works via internet service, not phone, just check with T-Mobile to see if they have coverage or a partner in the UK.

You can even book a ride in advance to get picked up by an Uber at the UK airport arrival, and reserve a pick up to return. Just make sure they are staying in locations with internet service. But if you, or the Uber driver wants to contact you directly, you need a phone.

I used my UK number in the US with my Uber app and it worked fine :)

Does Uber support contact via VoIP solutions (e.g. FaceTime or WhatsApp or something else) to allow calling without forcing one of the two parties to make an international call?

Ideally, it would be nice to have that built-in to the Uber app, but simply allowing you to register your various VoIP phone numbers and IDs with it so a driver can call you using one that he also supports would be great.

And yes, there are going to be privacy issues here, so it’s not a feature I want Uber to just slap together one weekend. :slight_smile:

OK thanks - I got them a SkypeIN number for $7. I know in the past Uber drivers can be pretty clueless at finding their clients at pickup time.

Uber’s VoIP worked well for me during recent trips to France. Of course, you need to have a data plan that works locally to use it.

While the original poster’s question involved a pre-paid plan, I always recommend that people contact their mobile phone carrier to ask about options before traveling internationally. Most major carriers have partnerships with local carriers around the world, and these partnerships can result in surprisingly affordable rates for voice and data while traveling without any need for new SIMs or eSIM programming.

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IMHO, Uber’s privacy policy is very standard, rather like most transportation and delivery services in the US and abroad. Whatever issues there are, they probably gather and sell no more customer info than just about every other online ride hailing services, as well as Amazon, Facebook, Meta, And I’ve had fewer problems with Uber than with Lyft, though Lyft can be more cost effective. And having to deal with the variety of New York City’s horrific taxi and transportation services for longer than I care to admit I am old, though it ain’t perfect, I’m glad Uber is an option.

They actually went with a Taxi from Heathrow to near Brighton, cheaper than Uber believe it or not. They used taxis most of the time for their stay $$$ but they are old school. The ownly downside was some of the annoying drivers talking politics and just yakking on and on for 3/4 of an hour!