Using the Raycast keyboard launcher


You said in the article

Raycast is, like LaunchBar, a keyboard-based launcher that learns the abbreviations you prefer.

Abbreviations are the critical feature of LaunchBar for me. I especially appreciate the ease of assigning my own. Raycast does look interesting, but I can’t find anything in their documentation about creating abbreviations. How do you do that?

I think you can specify exact abbreviations or even keyboard shortcuts in Raycast, but what I do is what I did in LaunchBar too. Let’s say I want AP to launch Affinity Publisher. If Raycast doesn’t give me Affinity Publisher on the first try, I’ll try AFFP or something like that, select Affinity Publisher, and hit Return. Then I’ll do it again immediately with AP as the abbreviation. Affinity Publisher may not be the first hit, but it will be lower down. After I select it once, however, Raycast learns that it’s mapped to AP from then on.

Forgot to respond to this earlier. Thanks, Adam. Works like a charm.

It also turns out to be much easier than LaunchBar to create abbreviations for arbitrary URLs, too.

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