Use 'Reactions' plugin to support emoji responses

I’m now at 472 ‘:heart: received’ in my stats, and since the post last night where I had 469:

  • I received 2 :heart: on that post
  • I received 1 :+1: on that post
  • I received 1 :-1: on that post (thanks a lot @ace! :sweat_smile:)
  • I received another :heart: on a different post
  • I received a :apple_six_colors: on a different post

So I think we can say that only the :heart: counts towards the Likes stats. (I still don’t understand why @Shamino’s :heart: didn’t initially register as a Like for me, but maybe it’s because it was changed from an initial :-1: and takes some time for the system to ‘notice’.) Another data point is that if you look in your account’s activity sidebar, there is now an extra section for ☺︎Reactions (given), separate from Likes (given). I have also found one post on the Discourse discussion noting that Reactions don’t contribute to official likes (raised in relation to where these are needed to progress through trust levels):

In summary, whilst several people here see :heart: and :+1: as interchangeable in meaning, from Discourse’s standpoint they are very different! (Maybe this argues for not having :+1: as it creates ambiguity?)