USB flash drives on a sierra Mac


My USB 2.0 flash drives, when inserted in the USB slot, no longer show up on my iMac, running Sierra.

They used to, a year or two ago, but don’t now.

Can I do anything, or are the drives just useless now?

[I wanted to use them to transfer short videos to the PCs of people for whom Dropbox is too confusing. The people are over 90 y.o.]

thanks for any help!


Do they show up in Disk Utility?

Could be any number of problems causing this symptom. For a quick first test, I would try resetting the SMC.

If that doesn’t work, then you might have a hardware issue requiring an actual repair.

I use USB sticks a few times a week on my Sierra machine. I even bought one at Staples a couple of weeks ago, no issues.


Thank you!

Disk Utility plus First Aid got things done.

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This cheered me up until I got the USB sticks repaired!