USB-C extension cord suggestions?

I’ve struggled for almost three years with a USB-C extension cable to avoid having to link Apple’s clunky USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter (models a1621 and a2119) to my MacBook Air. I’d like one with a right-angle jack to the MacBook, to keep the cord flowing away from my work area.

This one has never worked well. I have to unplug and replug, twisting it this way and that, before it connects to my power adapter, my external screen and an external USB-A trackball. It works, but I’ve found no orientation that does so consistently.

So: Can anyone recommend a right-angle USB-C extension cord that will consistently work with a MacBook Air?

I bought this one a while back. Barebones, but never had any issues.

Perhaps better might be just getting a right angle adapter. Then you can use whatever cable you like. I got these a while back (2 for $6) and they do fine both in terms of 100W power as well as 10 Gbps data transfer. They’re currently unavailable, but there’s a bunch of very similar offers.

Thanks, Simon! I’ve ordered the Fasgear cable and will keep you posted.

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But I noticed that you were asking about an extension cable (M-F), while the Fasgear cable Simon linked to is a M-M cable.

I don’t know if that will work with the multiport adapter, since that adapter has a built-in cable. A gender changer may be necessary if you can’t get a M-F version of that cable.

Oh, you are right, darn it! Thanks, David. The hunt continues!

Will try this one, although a few reviews suggest it may suffer from the same problem—an inability to carry power and support an external screen and a trackball.


Update: This Fasgear model does the trick for my M1 MacBook Air—so far.

It works with only two of the four possible connection possibilities for the MacBook’s two USB ports (Port 1, rightside up and rightside down; Port 2, ditto)—but one of them is the one I’d hoped for, and it still beats the completely unpredictable connection for the Awnuwuy cable.

I wonder why this is such a hard thing for the Mac, which of course is supposed to “just work.”

Anyway: Thanks, all!

… well, it did until it didn’t. After reliably working for almost a week, it now is just as wonky and unreliable as its predecessor. Despite repeated MacBook restarts.

Other suggestions welcome!