USB-C extension cable that works with Apple’s Digital AV Multiport Adapter?

I’m mostly pleased with the new M1 MacBook Air. Much faster than my 2014 model. But Apple’s decision to put both the USB-C ports on the left side disrupts my workspace. So I’m looking for a USB-C male-to-femal extension cable (preferably with a right-angle male jack) that will let me move my bulky USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter out of the way.

But every USB-C extension cable I’ve found cautions it’s incompatible with the adapter.

Any tips?

I think this could be what you’re looking for. It supports Gen2 and 100W power. You can get 50cm/1.6’ for $9.19 with coupon. There’s various other lengths too.

And this one’s $13, but it’s 1m/3.3’ long.

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Thanks. Those sure look promising, but the fine print says (as it does on all the cords I’ve found):

“Not compatible with Apple Multi-media Adapter (USB 3, HDMI, USB C (charge pass through).”

And I do want to pass the charge through.

Second option doesn’t seem to carry such a disclaimer.

An alternative could be to just get a different hub with a longer cable. This one here comes with all the ports you had (and then some), is $21, and its cable is 7". Maybe that’s just barely enough for your setup.

Thank you, Simon! That second one, though, also says “This cable not work with any thunderbolt 3 docking/hub/cable

I did see that but I interpreted that as pointing out this is not a TB cable, it’s only USB-C. AFAIK the Apple Digital AV adapter is USB-C, not TB.

You have been far more patient and helpful than I deserve, Simon! Thanks.

Not at all! In fact, I’m curious what you end up choosing and how that works out for you.

Optimizing my personal setup with little gadgets and gizmos is something I’m always playing with so seeing what others do is always interesting to me.

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Will keep you posted. We have lots in common, including that 128k Mac.