Upgrading from 1Password 7 to 1Password 8

Hi all,

I need help to migrate from 1Password7 to 1Password8. I requested help from the support but their solutions are not what I am expecting.

I am using 1password since version 4 and I was very happy until they stopped syncing the primary vault stored on Apple iCloud. I started to pay for a family plan but I was the only one to use it with 1Password7. I wanted to try it before migrating my wife which is still using 1Password7 with the primary vault stored on Apple iCloud. When the subscription was activated, two new vaults where created : a private vault and a shared vault. I moved some of my connections to these two vaults for test purpose, but kept the primary vault as my main repository.

I installed 1Password8 last week, and when I requested to import my data, nothing happened. Then the support told me that as I had already an active account, nothing needed to be imported. Then I exported the content of the primary vault in CSV file for Apple iCloud but I was not able to import this file in 1Password8. A CSV imported vault was created but it was empty. After a new message to the support, they told me to go back to 1Password7 and to copy all items from the primary vault to the private vault.
I also created a new vault where I copied all the content of the primary vault.
When I login to 1Password8, I could see three vaults, private, shared and the new one I created to backup the primary vault. But except from the shared vault, the number of items in the private and the new vault was not the same as what I got using 1Password7 !
I tried to enrol my wife in the family account. When I lauched 1Password8 on her Mac, nothing was migrated in the 1Password account. And now I am no able to login with my wife master password to 1Password7. I always get a wrong password message. But I can login only with my master password.
I can ignore it if I am able to import all passwords from the primary vault. Importing a CSV file generated by 1Password7 in 1Password8 is not working. The support is not able to provide a solution.
Did any body had the same issue and got a working solution ? Otherwise I will probabily leave completly from 1Password.

Thanks for help.

It’s worth posting that up at https://1password.community/
AgileBits staff are constantly answering questions there and quite quickly too.

I have been posting lots of things to the support staff, which is supposed to help solve issues with 1Password. Because I did’nt get correct answers, I am trying elsewhere.

If you need to contact 1Password support directly via email, that might be the best option, given how tangled your situation has become. If you go here:

And then click “I don’t see my problem listed” and then “None of these apply” in the topics, it will give you an email form.

I’ve only used the 1Password 8 importer to migrate from LastPass, but it certainly implies that it should be able to import a CSV or 1PUX file exported from 1Password 7. You could also try the web importer.

I haven’t followed this thread closely…but if/when I shift to v8 I will copy all my existing DropBox based data to the online cult on the 1PW server…then exit out of v7 and launch v8…logging in to the existing online account.

Export/import should mostly work as well…albeit I’ve seen some reports of minor issues on import. What won’t work AFAIK is trying to connect to the existing v7 vault from v8.

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When I moved from v7 to v8, must be several years ago now, I simply installed v8 and 1PW took care of the rest flawlessly.



If you were using their servers…that would be the case. If not, then migration would have been required so I suspect you were already using their cloud.

1Password lost me, a 15+ year customer, when they deleted local storage & sync via WiFi, and went subscription. What happened to LastPass was a warning about cloud storage of sensitive data, so that is a definite NO for me. Of course they say it will be secure, but so did LastPass.

1Password 8 can only import 1PUX and a CSV export file made using 1Password 8.
To import data from 1Password 7 or another password management tool you have to go to 1Password.com and use the import CSV tool. You’ll have to define the use of each field in the CSV File.


For how I don’t know, but I still have 1Password sync to my home mac, iphone and icloud account. (v 7.10.2)

And as long as you stay with 1Password 7, you will. It is with 1Pwd8 that you lose local sync and have to go through 1Password’s online servers.

I don’t like having to use their servers either…but wifi sync is just not good enough so I’ve been keeping my vault in DripBox…and if/when v7 fails I will reluctantly use v8…I already have a Family account and it is true that the copy they have is fully encrypted…so the vault getting loose isn’t really a problem due to long master password. I looked…in vain because such a creature doesn’t exist…for a viable alternative that met all the requirements currently provided by v7…DropBox storage, Secure Notes of unlimited length, attachments including images, spreadsheets and others, cross platform everything Apple clients, and the ability for the individual user to backup and restore their data without support from 1PW’s end or servers. Alas…my quest failed.

True…LastPass data got leaked…but IIRC it was only the encrypted blob since like 1PW all decrypts only on device and not on their end. If one chooses a good password…which in 2p24 means long…that’s the only thing that really counts although numbers and symbols and all makes it even more difficult to crack. Length is what forces both brute force only methods of attack and provides really long times to crack. For sufficiently long passwords…which as of now means 25 or so characters long…dictionary and rainbow table and leaked password lists attack simply can’t be done…the dictionary or table is just too large to store…it takes 10s of thousands of centuries to crack…and the beauty of brute force is that using gibberish passwords or letter number swaps only makes a marginal increase in cracking time. A simple sentence that one makes up and is never written down anywhere makes it far easier to remember and type…and is good for far, far longer than even my great great great grandkids will be alive. 1PW has had their code validated to ensure there are no heretofore unknown back doors in them.

I would prefer DropBox sync myself…local only and wifi sync is too cumbersome. And if you have either an unencrypted Time Machine disk or a cloud based backup system…the encrypted blob is still available on the internet to be leaked or to the guy that breaks into your house and steals the drive or device.