Upgraded from High Sierra to Mojave, and the App Store is lying

I upgraded my mom’s iMac from High Sierra to Mojave so that she can install TurboTax.

The Mac App Store is claiming that all her apps are up to date, but I know that’s not true. She still has Pages 8.1. I am Mojave as well, and I have Pages 10.1. We each have our own Apple ID.

I have tried signing her out of the App Store and back in, and rebooting, but nothing seems to get the App Store to offer updates that I know she should have.

What should I do?

Thanks for all assistance!

Although my iMac and MacBookPro are always within a day or so of being on the same OS release, I often observe App Store apps getting updated on one computer but not seeing a similar update on the other machine (even after waiting several days). To force an update, I delete the app on the lagging machine. I don’t delete any supporting files or preferences. I then go to the App Store and load the app, which. of course, is the updated version.

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The App Store doesn’t continuously check for updates. While on the Updates screen, select “Store > Reload Page” (or type CMD-R) to make it check again. That sometimes works.

What do you see if, from her account, you pull up her list of purchases and click through to the product page for Pages? Do you see an update button? What version does it show? Does the app show up in her purchase history at all?

As I understand it, the iWork apps are not actually free, but are bundled with Mac hardware. The first Apple ID to log in to the store on that computer gets those bundled purchases assigned to it. If this person was not your Mom, then she may not see it on her purchase history and may not be able to update it. If so, try again from the account that owns the app - possibly yours.


I have the opposite(?) situation. I have Numbers 11.0 on the Mac, but the App Store says I have an update available…to 11.0. Reloading the App Store page doesn’t change this. Same thing for three other apps.