Upgrade to Monterey: has Dropbox issue been fixed ? Any other issues?

I want to upgrade from Catalina to Monterey because with Catalina I don’t have access to the latest version of so many apps and can’t buy many new apps which require Monterey.
Would anyone know if the Dropbox bug has been fixed? Are there any other issues that I should be concerned about before upgrading?
thanks in advance for your time and help

Which Dropbox bug?

(I have been using Dropbox on Monterey since the first Monterey beta release with no significant problem.)

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Thank you for your reply

Working on online only files.

I don’t use any online only files so I missed any bugs with online only. Local instances fits my use case.

Good luck.

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thank you very much

I’ve noticed several minor irritations with the Apple Silicon version and their support is currently back and forth-ing with me on figuring out what the problem is.

One issue is that despite their claim that the DropBox folder is no longer allowed to be anywhere with the default location of ~ in the Apple Silicon version it gets relocated to ~/Library/CloudStorage and cannot be anyplace else. I would actually be fine with that…but I’ve got the Apple Silicon version on 4 Monterey Macs now…3 Apple Silicon and 1 old Intel Mini. On one of the M1 boxes, the folder got relocated and locked…the other two it is still in ~ and changeable if I wanted to…despite all M1 machines being upgraded automatically from the Intel version of the app with beta options enabled and all preferences setup the same.

Second issue is that the icons for status in the DropBox folder aren’t the same on all machines…despite having all files local on all computers being selected some of them have the cloud/download status icon.

Third issue is that some files appear to not actually be local despite the preference to be that way.

They haven’t figured it out yet…my opinion is it might be related to the fact that the folder didn’t get relocated on 2 of the 3 machines with M1s but so far they are silent on the issue. They also claim that some of my machines are running beta versions and some aren’t and that betas have issues and that I should go back to the release version…but all 3 M1s DropBox app are the same versions according to Get Info and DropBox preference box.

Personally…claiming that the folder must be in ~/Library/CloudStorage sounds like a decision they made more than a technical thing…the folder only exists o M1 machine running their AS app so it’s the app that creates the folder and not anything else. I would rather have it 2 folders less deep in ~ myself

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I am running DropBox V155.4.5493 and MacOS 12.5.1 and have DropBox folder on an external RAID drive. Has been that way for a while and working well.

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I’m running Dropbox v157.2.1298 and MacOS 12.5.1 on my N1 Macswith my Dropbox folder in my home folders and no issues. My on computer Dropbox folders mirror the cloud version (i.e. offline copies of all folders. Subfolders of my Drobox folder are targets for various apps with no issues of access. I’ve also had no problems copying links to online Dropbox for file sharing.

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