Updating Ventura with Satechi Hub & M1 Mac Mini

I have a Satechi hub attached to my M1 Mac Mini and boot the OS off of a 2TB SSD in the Satechi. This gives me far more disk space than I have on my Mini. But I have a major problem in that I cannot add updates to the SSD—when I try, they always fail and the SSD remains unupdated. Does anyone else have such a setup and any tips for dealing with this? Thanks!

Are you keeping the internal SSD updated too? Unlike Intel Macs, this is critical because no matter what you boot your M1 mini from, the internal SSD is where it has its firmware (including LLB, the first stage bootloader). This needs to remain up to date, also so that there’s a full recovery system available even when the external disk isn’t connected, or has a problem.

I haven’t been, I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the tip.

Alas, updating the internal drive didn’t solve my problem. Each time I try to update the external drive’s os, I get a failure and the message “Your computer was restarted because of a problem,” i.e., some kind of crash in the updating process which aborts it.