Unknown AirTag Shows My Phone Number

I started getting warnings of an unknown AirTag following me around. I kept pulling up Find My to locate it.

However, taking a closer look at the warning, I realized it was showing the last four digits of my phone number. I think this might be my AirTag.

Has anyone else seen this?

I’ve confirmed this with the serial number. It took me a while to find how to see the serial number of my AirTag.

However, the reported unknown AirTag the serial number of the AirTag connected to my car keys. No wonder it was following me around.

Here’s a snapshot of the webpage.

I guess it hasn’t correctly registered with your Apple ID?

This isn’t the only thing that drives me crazy. I keep getting constant alerts that my AirPods have been left behind when they’re in my pocket. I guess they go into some sort of sleep mode and no longer are connected to my iPhone or my iPhone loses their Bluetooth connection and panics.

I know that they do sleep when in the charging case with the lid closed as they don’t show up on my iPhone or iPad in the BlueTooth device list. Were they loose in your pocket or in the case?

The other day, I got a notice that I had left my iPad behind while I was driving with the iPad safely in the hatch compartment of my Prius (I.e its normal position in the car).

They were in the case.

My AirPods Pro were left behind. Not.

Right. Strangely enough, I believe the case for older AirPod models only communicates with the find my network when it is open (or the AirPods themselves are out of the case).

You can turn off the left behind message though.