Universal Clipboard History

(Yashodhan Khare) #1

I use Alfred and they have a very nice Clipboard History interface. I have two MacBooks, one at home and the other in the office. If I want to access my ClipBoard History of the Office MacBook at home, Alfred does not allow me to do that. In other words, the concept of a ‘universal clipboard history’ isn’t available. Any apps that have the feature?

(Adam Engst) #2

I’ve not used it, but Paste claims to do just this:


(Yashodhan Khare) #3

Thanks, do we get a tidbits discount on Paste?

(Adam Engst) #4

No, there’s no discount, and there isn’t any way for there to be, unfortunately, since it’s available only on the Mac App Store (which doesn’t do discounts) and in the Setapp subscription bundle.