Unable to print single-sided!?

MacOS 14.5 Sonoma; Mac mini M2 Pro; Canon MF445dw

I don’t print very often and I’m not sure when the last time I printed multiple pages single-sided was. But today I tried to print a two-page document single-sided – on two sheets. I can’t. The printer delivers a single 2-sided sheet. The problem occurs in four different applications.

My wife can print single-sided, via the LAN, from her Macbook Air.

The most recent possibly relevant change I can think of was about a week ago I was having a problem that motivated me to completely wipe my mini, restore the OS, and restore data from a CCC backup using Migration Assistant. I have also noticed that the system print dialog is somewhat different than I remember it, albeit not different from my wife’s who is also on 14.5.

I don’t know where to start on this. Any ideas?

Have you tried solving the immediate problem by printing Page 1only, then repeating with Page 2 only?

Yes, I did that for the 2-pager I need for tomorrow morning. I’d hate to have to do it for a 20-pager…

I would try to delete then add the printer again and make sure you’re using the drivers that work which are probably the same as on your wife’s computer but it’s possible there are other drivers which could have been on your computer before you restored.

If you mean remove and then add in the System Settings::Printers & Scanners: I did that before posting; should have mentioned it.

But did you check if there are other drivers when adding back the printer? You also might check the web site for your printer to see if there are any updated drivers.

How would I check for other drivers when adding back? When I click add, after a couple of seconds an “Add Printer” dialog pops up with “Canon MF440 Series” in the name column and “Bonjour Multifunction” in the Kind column. On clicking that line to select the printer, the Name: and Use: lines underneath activate with both containing “Canon MF440 Series”. “Use:” allows selection of other drivers, but I don’t see any feasible candidates: many manufacturers; many Canon printer models, but none resembling what I have.

I sometimes have this problem when printing from Word. It seems to be related to using two-sided printing with another app but not necessarily the last time I printed before Word.
With big Word reports I prefer to print to a PDF and then use Preview to print exactly what I want.

You can download PPDs from Canon. If you are in Europe, use this link to find your printer: https://www.canon-europe.com/support/consumer/products/printers/i-sensys/ if you are on another continent, try searching for “Canon mf440 series mac driver”.


I’m in the U.S. Initially I downloaded a PPD but I didn’t know what to do with it. So I removed the printer from System Settings and downloaded PS Printer Driver & Utilities for Mac V4.17.17 [macOS 10.14.6 - macOS 14.4.1] which is a .dmg, and ran the Canon_PS_Installer.pkg thereon. (There was also a scanner Driver & Utilities which I downloaded and ran the .pkg of.) Other than having to add Rosetta, I can’t see anything that’s changed, including the “3.0” printer driver version that System Settings shows.


SUCCESS! The print dialog (for PDFgear) now came up with the Double-Sided set to On; I changed it to Off, printed two pages, and got two single-sided sheets.


Glad to hear it worked. I’ve had issues from time to time with a Samsung Laser printer and the only thing that worked was reinstalling the driver package either from the CD or download. This screen is what I was referring to. There is AirPrint and the other driver which is the one I used as I recall:


Every Printer dialog I’ve ever had on the Mac has a setting for single side or double. Sometimes they are hard to find. Sounds like it is defaulted to double. This might help. Canon Knowledge Base - Printing 1-sided or 2-sided on Mac Big Sur -imageCLASS printers

I suppose it depends on the printer and/or driver. My Samsung has a duplex unit so the option for double sided is there in the dialog. My older Canon inkjet does not so no option is available.

Agreed. The last time I had a single sided printer, which was 20 years ago or so, it likely did not have a double sided option.


Ditto. On my Brother printer, the option is here:

But does your printer have a duplexer or not? If it does, that would come up by default more than likely.

One of my early printers (an HP?) did not auto-duplex but did allow you to do two-sided painting manually. If you set it up for two-sided printing, it would print all odd pages and then instruct you on how to reinsert the printed pages to print the even pages on the opposite side in the correct orientation.

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Yes, my printer has a duplexer. So does the OP - the original question is that he’s unable to turn off duplexing.

I think that’s a standard feature for HP’s DeskJet drivers. I remember it on my old ink-jet.

I asked because the option needs to be turned on in order to see the 2 sided option in the Print dialog box. The OP said that a backup was used to restore the computer and somehow the driver became corrupted or was not the original driver. So if a generic driver was installed, the two sided option may not have been available. For my Samsung, I have to make sure the option is checked by selecting the printer in System Settings, then Options, otherwise 2 sided is not available which is the same thing that happened to the OP.

System Settings/Options:
Screen Shot 2024-06-11 at 12.15.02 PM

Duplex On:

Duplex Off:


If you’re using a generic driver, yes. You need to describe your printer. Which, surprisingly, only has options for the duplexer. You’d think that a generic driver would need other options as well (number of paper trays, the contents of each tray, etc.)

I forgot about this because I’m using a Brother-provided CUPS driver, which doesn’t need to be configured for my printer’s hardware.

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