Unable to find within a Zip file in Mail

Dear friends,
In Outlook O365 I can find a value in an Excel file that has been zipped and attached to an email.
In Mail I can search for it but it will never find it.
My question is: Does anyone know if it is possible?

I get a monthly email, attached is a Zip file with an Excel file in it. The Excel file contains thousands of rows with trade names. Sometimes I want to know if a particular trade name has been reported to me. I prefer Mail. It is fast and clean. But. A search for a trade name in Mail or Spotlight (spacebar) does not find it, whereas Outlook does.

In general, I feel (might be just me) that Spotlight has not gotten any better, rather has gotten worse. Yes, I rebuilt it and everything.


I just made a text file and then zipped it. Searching with Spotlight finds a phrase within the original file, but not in the zipped archive, so I don’t think Spotlight can search within zipped files.

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