Ulysses 30

Originally published at: Ulysses 30 - TidBITS

Adds the capability to scribble on images and add annotations to PDFs. ($5.99/$49.99 monthly/yearly subscription, free update, 31.4 MB, macOS 11+)

I have been using Ulysses for about two years, but just recently I began using it as a MARKUP editor, for placing text in RapidWeaver. I suddenly realized that from MARKUP I can go anywhere I wish, i.e., txt, rtfd, Docx, PDF, ePub, html! I’ve learned to use (and customize) various “styles.” I’ve found their support OK, but not immediate; they seem to be located somewhere in Europe! I’m pleased to see a new upgrade and look forward to the new features.

Agen, been using 30 and even wrote a review! But haven’t tripped over the two things you mention! Is there a demo?