Typing accented characters with iPad with physical keyboard

I have an iPad Air and a Kensington Folio Touch keyboard. I find the combination almost like a laptop (the keyboard comes with a trackpad). However, holding down a vowel to type an accented character doesn’t work on that keyboard. Is there a setting I’m missing?

Even on my Mac, I can type an accented character by holding down a vowel. Is this a limitation of the Folio Touch? Does Apple’s Magic Keyboard do that?

You have to use option key shortcuts instead of the accent menu:

A fuller list is at


In Ireland we use the fada, like the accent ague in French. You type Opt+e and then the vowel you want the accent over. So you get í or ó. All I have use for but I imagine it’s a similar set of steps for other treatments.

Feh! I thought that might be the case. It’s so nice on the on screen keyboard just to hold down the letter and see a half dozen or more alternative characters come up. I believe it’s the same on a Mac too.

To have to switch keyboards or remember the option letter combos is much harder. I guess we’re spoiled. On Windows, it’s holding down the Alt Key and pressing a three digit code.