Two of my tab groups do not appear on my Mac

I just noticed that two of my Safari tab groups appear on my iPhone and iPad but not on my iMac. Nine others appear on all three devices. This has probably been true for a while, since the missing ones are basically old tabs that need to be reviewed.

My iPhone 13 and iPad Air 4 are up to date and my 2017 iMac is on Monterey 12.6.5 with Safari 16.4.1. Any idea on how to get the Mac to sync?

I’ve recently had the same problem of tab groups not syncing correctly between various macOS/iOS/iPadOS machines.

After some online searching, I tried turning off Safari iCloud syncing on various devices, and then back on again. (i.e., System Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Show All > Safari) That seemed to reset things correctly.

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I have NEVER gotten Safari syncing in iCloud to work correctly. If I turn it on, within minutes it duplicates HUNDREDS of copies of my Safari bookmarks to my Mac OS machines. This makes Safari so slow as to be unusable. I long ago learned to blow away /Users/myusername/Library/Safari/bookmarks.plist to return to defaults. I then import a saved copy of my REAL bookmarks and leave syncing off.

I wish it worked as it would be very handy but this bug has been there since High Sierra, at least.

Thanks to both of you for your replies. I’ll try turning syncing off and on when I have some time.