Two Laptop Stands Appropriate for a 15-inch MacBook Air

Originally published at: Two Laptop Stands Appropriate for a 15-inch MacBook Air - TidBITS

The new 15-inch MacBook Air with its large screen awakened Julio Ojeda-Zapata’s interest in laptop stands. He wants one that is robust but portable, and adjustability is a must. He found two stands that qualify in different, ingenious ways.

My requirement for a stand for my 16" MBP is ① to bring the camera up to eye level so that FaceTime people are looking directly at me rather than up my nose or at the ceiling, and ② also so that I can still use the builtin keyboard. It doesn’t look like either those reviewed would meet that second requirement.

Just wanted to say that I bought two Roost stands during their original Kickstarter campaign in c.2016 and my wife and I have been enjoying them ever since. Their portability is awesome.

Physics is going to get in the way of that. You might want to look for a high phone stand so that your phone can be your camera.

Wirecutter recently re-affirmed its laptop stand review