Two Affordable Standing Desks for Temporary Telecommuters

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Office workers have left their fancy standing desks behind as they work out of their homes due to the pandemic. Luckily, low-cost alternatives exist. Julio Ojeda-Zapata tested two affordable tabletop computer stands.

IKEA has an electric, height-adjustable desk for less than $400. I use one and it readily holds two iMacs and a Cinema Display. I’ve had it two years and have had no issues with the motor.

Are you talking about this one?

Hello, Adam. Yes, the Bekant is the one I have. I see the reviews are mixed, but I have not had any issue with mine, even with all the equipment on the desktop, as I mentioned. (The 2015 iMac is connected both to the Cinema Display and the old 2010 iMac, which I use now as a simple monitor via Command-F2 and a Mini-Display cable). Assembly is easy and all the cords store neatly in a kind of cargo net on the underside.

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I don’t know which model @martinstreicher is referring to, but I used the Ikea Bekant desk for several years with one employer. It works well and can handle quite a bit of weight.

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Holy cats, I just stumbled on this site. If you’re looking for other standing desk converters, or standing desks in general, or just office furniture, these people have really detailed reviews of a boatload (and a large boat at that) of products.

First post. HomeDepot have adjustable workbenches that I find great and cheap at $199 but they seem to increased in price.
[Adjustable with slider drawers](Your friend has shared a link to a Home Depot product they think you would be interested in seeing. 52 in. Adjustable Height Work Table with 2-Drawers in White

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