Twitter Lockout Help

A close friend on the opposite coast fell for a phishing attack on his Twitter account last week, and has since been locked out. He reported it immediately but has heard nothing in over a week. Any suggestions I can give him, or direct Twitter contacts who could help? Thanks in advance, this would mean a great deal to him.

So nothing here. But finally after over a month of inaction, Twitter seems just about ready to act to restore his account.

Sorry there weren’t any shortcuts! But maybe he’s more relaxed from avoiding social media for a few weeks. :slight_smile:

He didn’t have the luxury of being off Twitter for a month, as he co-hosts a weekly (non-tech) podcast which required its use. Fortunately after a week or two he was able to eventually co-opt a related account to get the communications he needed, although just barely enough to survive.

Unfortunately the month-long silence from a bot-acknowledged and untrackable request for repair was totally unacceptable IMO. Why the largest internet presences (Twitter, Facebook, etc) have absolutely no way to reach a human support person is totally unfathomable to me. (You’d think they’d want to keep their “product” happy.) And I could find no one in the industry who knew a way in.


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I didn’t have anything to offer at the time (or now), but to the larger point, tech companies consistently disappoint with their lack of customer support. Frequently these massive corporations seem to have little or no interest in helping their user base ( I’m thinking of Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others) - emails for help go into the void. And of course there is no public facing phone number to call, unlike a bank, or even an ISP.

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