Tweaking underlying email settings for TidBITS Talk soon

(Adam Engst) #1

Just a heads-up that we’re going to be moving some back-end email stuff around soon (maybe this weekend, maybe early next week). We’ll be switching from SendGrid to Sendy and Amazon SES, plus easyMail for picking up incoming messages, and it’s entirely possible that things will go wrong. It’s email—something HAS to go wrong! It’s the rule!

So, if you interact with TidBITS Talk via email, rather than via the Web interface, that may explain problems with posting new topics or replying to existing ones. (In theory, you shouldn’t have to do anything different for new posts or replies to work, but that turns out not to be the case, I’ll say something.)

If you see a problem where a message you send doesn’t appear on the Web site at, either post in the #site-feedback category here via the Web interface, send me (@ace) a private message here, or just send me private email at I’ll probably know about it already, but it never hurts to ping me quickly as long as you keep it private or in #site-feedback.

DO NOT KEEP POSTING MULTIPLE TRIES VIA EMAIL! All that will do is cause everyone to get all the copies you post when I figure out what’s going wrong and fix it.

Thanks for your patience—this is the kind of stuff that’s devilishly hard to configure.

One of the reasons we’re making this switch is because the TidBITS Talk submission address is taking thousands of spam messages a day and trying to reject them, which is causing huge backscatter (all the bounces, since they can’t be delivered) in SendGrid. Our current setup has no way of filtering all this crud out, whereas easyMail will give us a spam filter in front of the TidBITS Talk submission address.

The other big reason is that SendGrid costs about $220 per month, whereas Amazon SES will probably charge about $20 to deliver the same volume of email.

cheers… -Adam