tvOS 16.3.3 to Fix Siri Remote Problems for Third-Generation Apple TV 4K

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If you’ve been having connectivity problems between the USB-C Siri Remote and the third-generation Apple TV 4K, the latest update for tvOS promises to help.

Trying to install this update is actually quite challenging when the remote keeps losing its connection. So far it looks like the system will update to iOS 16.2 first so I am hoping to eventually get to 6.3.3.

I now have 16.3.1 and it does seem to have fixed the problem-- just when I was about to go to the Genius Bar and request a new remote.

Thanks so much for this heads up!

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Note that there is also a remote for the Apple TV in the control center of the iPhone and iPad. If the Siri remote is unresponsive, switch to the mobile device. Also if you need to do any extensive typing, the switch gives you a better keyboard. Finally, if you need to enter a password for the site for which your id is registered and have the password in a password manager, you should be able to access it when using the mobile device remote.

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What about the 1st generation TV 4K? I currently have a Siri Remote 2nd gen but will the 3rd gen remote work with the 1st gen 4K?

According to the Apple Shop site, the current remote being sold (gen 3) is compatible with my 1st gen 4K. My impression was that the only difference between the 2nd and 3rd gen remotes was moving from lightning to USB-C charging port.

Just curious why you asked the question since you seem to have the 1st gen TV 4K and 2nd gen remote (just as I have)? Are you seeing any connectivity problems? I am not.

Just wondering as I have both gen 2 & 3 remotes and gen 1 & 3 TV 4Ks; but wasn’t sure if the 3 remote would have a problem with the gen 1 4K and need the update. I didn’t have any problem setting up the gen 3 4K using the included 3 remote nor have I seen any problems in use.