tvOS 14.0.2 might fix volume control bug

I came across an irritating fault when I installed tvOS 14.0.1 - the volume control on the Remote stopped working for several apps when audio output was set to (stereo) Homepods. I had to ask Siri to turn the volume up/down. I just installed 14.0.2 and volume control is back for (used to stream live TV via HD Homerun), and Phew!
I hope it is a permanent fix and not just a temporary one after a restart.
Update: Grrr! Volume control has gone again. It seems to be occurring after giving Homepod control to Siri then going back to to Apple TV.

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I get a volume irregularity on my 4K Apple TV where pausing and resuming streaming can cause the volume to suddenly become much louder.

Another annoying volume bug in iOS involves the lock click when you lock your device - and it’s been a problem even in iOS 13.

The lock click is most commonly played at earpiece volume when it should be played at speakerphone volume - after all, you never put the phone up to your head to hear the auditory feedback when you hit the lock button.

The lock sound should be an audio indication that your attempt to lock the phone succeeded, so it should be played at the louder volume tier.