tvOS 12 Goes to 11 with Dolby Atmos

(Jeff Porten) #1

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Apple TV 4K will rock your ears and eyes a little bit more starting this fall, alongside a collection of either nice-to-have or essential new features, depending on your living room.

(Garry Royle) #2

Can the HomePod utilise the Atmos specifics? If I have a big screen TV connected to AppleTV I’d like to get rid of my old Marantz Amplifier (and surround sound speakers), and just use two HomePods (either as paired stereo, or perhaps just one) instead of an Atmos-capable sound bar (which would be a new purchase, but I’d prefer to spend $$$ on a HomePod). I would need the sound of the free to air TV signal to be amplified by HomePod devices, but is that even possible?

(Jeff Porten) #3

Sorry, I have no idea. My guess is, should the HomePod become compatible for this kind of use, you will hear about it from multiple sources, including here.

(Dennis Swaney) #4

So we have to replace our year old TV 4 if we want to use tvOS 12?

(Josh Centers) #5

It’ll also be available for the fourth-generation Apple TV, but the marquee features like Atmos will be 4K only.

(Tommy Weir) #6

The zero sign in will be a pain for expats like us who continue to watch US TV using VPNs.