Turn Your iPhone into a Powerful Webcam with Camo

Today I tried to use Camo on my Mac mini and I couldn’t. I have to contact support for them to deactivate the license on my MacBook Pro and then I can use it on my Mac mini.

For a $40/year application which requires an iPhone.

Seriously, if Fantastical acted this way about how many Macs I could use my calendar on, I wouldn’t think of re-subscribing.

(To be clear, they have a web portal where I have to login to manage my licenses, but I can’t deactivate it myself, they have to do it. I could always buy another $40/year license to use the same iPhone on two different computers, but that is definitely not happening.

Mind you, they still haven’t fixed the problem with the audio and video being out of sync when plugged in directly to a Mac and recording to QuickTime. Which is mind-boggling for a non-beta app charging such a premium. How can it not work reliably with the built-in application that ships with every Mac?