Turn off username display?

Is it possible to disable the display of the username in Discourse? (the @ace @kreme @etc part)? I don’t really mind it, but I’d prefer it it just showed the name field I can edit instead.

I don’t think so, and while I initially agreed with you (which is why real name is there too — I turned that on), upon further reflection, I strongly suspect that username is necessary so you can @refer to people easily.

Also, Full Name is optional, though I suppose the system could fallback to usernames if no full name is present. But I think the @username mentions would look strange as @Full Name in posts.

If you don’t know someone’s username, you can actually use the person’s name to @refer:


Good points, and thanks for sharing the tip about looking up names for @refer. Clearly I need to delete some of my test accounts. :slight_smile:

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And Full Name wouldn’t be unique, while presumably username must be.

(My first response to a Discourse post :slight_smile: )


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