TunnelBear 4.0

Originally published at: TunnelBear 4.0 - TidBITS

VPN private Internet browsing app now requires macOS 10.12 Sierra or later. (Free with subscription options for unlimited data, 28.4 MB)

I stopped using TunnelBear because of the available servers. I live near the Mexico border but for certain connections, like banks, I need US servers which are not convenient to chose. I use Encrypt me, It works on all my deviaces even though it is not high on the list of good VPNS

I don’t understand. The TunnelBear interface has a graphical interface that not only allows you to connect to VPN servers in another country, but also shows you on a map which country’s server you are connected with.

Agreed, but you cannot set a default location in the US. You cannot set as default fastest USA