Troubles deleting spam sent in Message app

I often receive one messages or one of a group messages from and unknown sender, asking to click on a link. A single message I block by calling the originating phone number and block it. Then I delete the phone number and go into messages and delete the message. But the person sending the message makes up another phone number to send from in a day or so. This is a multi- step procedure to remove a single spammed message.

Can anyone suggest a simpler one-step procedure?

You can actually block the number without calling it, but it’s a multi-step process too.

You have to click on the top of the message where the number is, and you’ll get a drop down with a few little icons. Click the Info icon, then carefully click the almost unseen arrow to the right of the phone icon. That will bring you to the contact card area and block is at the bottom.

I am still on iOS 12 but hopefully that gives you enough info to block without calling someone! And I am following for a one-step method as well.


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Thank you, I’m looking for a one-step method because i get spam messages quite often. Apple support once suggested that i might hav to get a new phone number.2021-03-23T05:00:00Z

Blocking phone numbers used by telemarketers is pointless because they use forged caller ID information. Every call has a different number, many of which are in-use by innocent third parties.

I know that spammers invent/use other phone numbers to repeat sending spam. But there should still be a simple one-step process to delete such messages. Wold make deletion easier/faster.

I agree with you. It’s way too hard to block a text number. I also get a call/text combo, usually something like Hey Joe, Tim here. Following up on that call about the business loan.

Those are getting annoying.


My spammer always calls me Gerold. No one has ever called me that. That’s how I know what the message is about. Sometimes I get a message package sent simultaneously to 20+ people, includi