Trouble logging in again

Hi Adam,

Sorry to bother you with this… I can’t log in, and I don’t know why. It says I’m not a member.

I haven’t had trouble logging in since I upgraded my old Mac to High Sierra, which also let me update Firefox… any idea what the problem is now? I guess it might have something to do with my Firefox “containers” (I just set FF to use my “Forums” container for TidBits, but that doesn’t change my username or password). Any idea from your end what my problem might be?


Hmm! Nothing should have changed. The way login works here is that you have to log in on the main TidBITS site with your TidBITS account, and then that’s carried over here when you click the blue Login button at the top. (And it should redirect you there if you aren’t yet logged in.)

So try clicking the Log In link at the top of and then come back here and click Log In again.

I can log in sometimes, but not others. (I couldn’t on my first try today, but after clearing Firefox History & Caches I could.)

Containers are a privacy/security feature in Mac Firefox that gives you sort-of-separate environments to segregate different things. I use them but still find it confusing.

I really don’t understand why, when I tell it to log in to TidBITS Talk in the container I named “Forums”, the browser tab’s label sometimes says “TidBITS Talk - Forums - Wordpress”. Huh? This forum doesn’t use Wordpress, right? And I didn’t set up the Container that way either.

Typically I have to remove all references to this forum from the Firefox History & Caches to get it to log in at all. If anybody else here uses Mac Firefox’s Containers feature, and understands it better than I do, please enlighten me.

No, this forum is Discourse, but we’re using single sign-on from our WordPress-based main site. So it’s not unreasonable you’d see that during login.

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