Trello or alternative to manage a Meetup Group + volunteers

A friend and I have started a Meetup Group, and I am looking to manage some of the tasks involved (6 users) with some type of project management software. We now have some student volunteers, so I was wondering if the free version of Trello would be a good fit. I dabbled in it a year or two ago, and it seemed to be pretty straightforward. Of course, now the free version probably has fewer functionalities. I also see the free version does not have a calendar and only 10 boards - is the that a problem?

I’ve only used the paid version of Trello, so I’m not sure if the free version is limited to having board users from a single domain. If the free version allows people from multiple domains, I suppose it could work for you, depending on how complicated the project tasks are and how important time management is.

By the way, since you mentioned having students on the team, if everyone is associated with the same school and the school uses Microsoft 365, there is a chance that the team might already have access to Microsoft Planner, which works very similarly to Trello.

Regarding other project management tools, a lot of good ones have free plans that allow up to five members. Personally, I’m a big fan of, but if you have six users, that probably won’t be a good fit for you. I understand that ClickUp allows more than five users on its free plan. I have no experience with it, but it could be worth a look.