Travel adapter alternatives to (heavy) Apple 96W Adapter


I recently received my new MacBook Pro 14" (with 10-core CPU, 16-core GPU, 16-core Neural Engine). Very nice machine but noticeably heavier than the original M1 MBP 13". I understand that this is because of the added ports, but I picked up a colleagues HP laptop with many more ports and was noticeably lighter, not sure why the new MBP is so heavy??

Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone can recommend a lighter power adapter than the one that Apple provides, which is rather heavy. I have seen a review of Ugreen’s 4-Port GaN X USB-C Charger. The adaptor adjusts the power provided to each port based on what’s plugged in and has an “Over Temperature Protection” system. I am not familiar with Ugreen, has anyone come across a light and powerful (~100W) adaptor that is nice and light or is the Ugreen as good as anything on the market? I like the fact that I can charge my iPhone and iPad from the one adaptor…

Thanks in advance

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I’m making wild guesses here. Maybe MagSafe adds more weight? Maybe the HP doesn’t have a fan? And maybe the larger and better screen and improved camera added weight?

Another guess is that MacBooks have a good reputation for durability. Maybe there’s a possibility that the aluminum is thicker then the HP’s. And Apple does claim to be using the highest quality recycled aluminum. They also make a big deal about having better video and audio than competitors, and that they have significantly improved this in your new model; upgraded camera hardware might also contribute to more weight.

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I don’t think added ports is likely the main reason; the battery capacity of 14" is 20% bigger than that of 13" which should account for much of the difference. Other reasons may include larger heat pipe and simply larger dimension all round.

  • Weight: 1.4 kg (13") vs 1.6 kg (14") - +14%
  • Internal volume: 1007 cu cm (13") [1] vs 1071 cu cm (14") - +6.3%
  • Density: 1.39g/cu cm (13") vs. 1.49g/cu cm (14") - +7%
  • Battery: 58.2 Wh (13") vs. 70 Wh (14") = +20%

[1] Likely smaller than this due to the tapered design

It’s really hard to compare the MBP with laptop of another maker since the materials used, build etc. are vastly different. Laptop design is basically a set of trade-offs and I guess Apple is willing to increase weight and volume in exchange for other desirable qualities (larger screen and battery, greater degree of rigidity - still yet to find another laptop keyboard that is so rigid).

As for chargers, personally I am reluctant to use a third-party charger with the MBP, esp. when it is still under warranty. I use a 30W MacBook Air charger (as mentioned in the thread you started earlier) and find it adequate, but that is just me (and I can afford the time to stay plugged in for a while).


Are there known issues with third-party chargers. In over 20 years of using Apple laptops I have not used one. The Ugreen adaptor seems to have protection built in but I have not come across the brand?

I was lent a third-party charger once at a conference. Seemed fine until I plugged in a pair of headphones, an audible crackle which vanished if I took the charger off. Thanks but… no thanks.


I am just being (excessively?) careful and lean on original Apple products, especially when there are choices that fit my needs. Damaging thousands of dollars of equipment (and data) seems to me a risk not worth taking. Having said that, I think reliable third-party chargers exist - after all the CalDigit Elements dock is now powering my MBP - but then it becomes a case of caveat emptor.


We’ve been happy with Anker chargers and adapters, and have been using some for well over a decade.