Transfered wrong file to iPhone

So yesterday I was transferring some MP3 music files to my Music app on my phone. I used WALTR PRO which is so excellent for doing that. Unfortunately I dragged over an m4v video file (music video I had captured from one of my DVD’s). I immediately realized my error but could not stop the process. The file knocked the daylights out of my phone storage space of course. That issue seems resolved having restarted the phone.

My problem is the video now shows in my Apple TV app as a purchased video, but that purchased video will not open whether I open Apple TV on my TV, my iPad and/or my iPhone. It just shows the dreaded spin that goes nowhere.

Is there any way I can delete that file from Apple TV? I know how I can safely put it into the Apple TV app but nothing now works the way it should. Sure would appreciate feedback from anyone with some good suggestions. Thanks.