Track Your Weight with the Eufy BodySense, an Affordable, HealthKit-Compatible Smart Scale

(Josh Centers) #1

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If you’re watching your weight, the Eufy BodySense helps you track it for about the same price as any other quality digital scale, but it can sync its data to your iPhone and Apple’s Health app.

(Diane D) #2


I understand that you need to have an account to use the scale app. But if you want to use the Apple Health app, do you still need the account?

If not, this is very appealing to me. My Tanita is really old and I’ve been wanting to replace it for a long time. Too bad it doesn’t show body fat right on the scale.

What increments does it do for pounds? Does it do ounces?


(Simon) #3

How does it deduce body fat content and the likes from your weight? I suppose it can calculate your BMI because you’ve inputted your height.

(Curtis Wilcox) #4

It doesn’t. As Josh wrote, “These additional measurements are taken by measuring your body’s electrical impedance, so you must weigh yourself with bare feet.”

(Simon) #5

Does that actually work well?

(Diane D) #6


I’ve been using a Tanita scale for years, that has a body fat measurement.

I don’t think anything is as good as the floating in water method, or calipers, but it’s an estimate and at the least you can see trends.

On mine, there will be a difference between morning and night due to hydration. And yes you need to have bare feet.


(Simon) #7

Thanks, Diane. Bare feet is not an issue, I was just curious if these devices are remotely accurate when it comes to body fat. I have no idea if these surface impedance measurements are really any good.

(Diane D) #8

I’d had caliper tests close to the time I started using my Tanita. For me, it was close enough to be happy.


(Paul Schinder) #9

How easy it it to spread the results around? The weight etc. from my WIthings scale gets automatically into Health as well as Garmin Connect (through MyFitnessPal) and pretty much anywhere else that shows weight. Is this a walled garden or is the data automatically available elsewhere?

(Josh Centers) #10

No, you need an account regardless. It doesn’t do ounces, just pounds and, uh, point pounds.

(Diane D) #11

Point pounds are ok, as long as they are better than .5 point pounds.

Required account stinks :frowning:


(Adam Engst) #12

I have a Withings scale that does body fat measurements and have always found them a little dubious. I’m a competitive runner, but 3%-4% body fat still seems wrong, and when I had a caliper test from an exercise physiologist as part of a study I was participating in, it came up with 7% as the number, which seemed more likely. Plus, if I weigh myself after a long hot run, when I can lose 4-5 pounds of water, the body fat percentage also drops a noticeable amount, which isn’t correct.

So as Josh said, I’d take the actual numbers with a grain of salt, but pay attention to the trends of measurements taken at the same basic time of day and hydration level.