Toast 20 Titanium and Toast 20 Pro

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Major release for the venerable digital media suite provides support for both M1- and Intel-based Macs. ($99.99/$149.99 new, $59.99/$99.99 upgrade, 599 MB, macOS 10.14+)

Version 19 will be my last update. I bought it a few weeks before version 20 rolled out. They have a strict policy of no free upgrades, no matter when you bought the previous version. I would have to pay the usual upgrade fee of $99. So goodbye Roxio Toast.

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That seems like an extreme reaction. I’d just keep using 19 until some future hardware or macOS update forces you to upgrade.

Years ago, I bought Toast version 5 (shortly after buying a PPC Mac in 2002). I upgraded it once (to version 6 in 2003), but then continued to use version 6 until 2011 when new hardware (an Intel Mac) made it impossible to keep using that version. It worked just fine all that time, even though Roxio didn’t support it after version 7 shipped.

I didn’t bother buying newer versions later on because my disc burning needs were very simple and macOS included everything I required via the Finder, iTunes and iDVD. I might buy 20 (or some later version) in the future, should I find a need to burn DVD or BD discs from iMovie projects, but I plan on waiting until then, since the Finder works fine for burning data discs and the Music app can burn audio CDs

You can get Toast Titanium 20 for $19 at right now. Great site for legit discounted software.